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How to adapt hearing aids to patients with senile deafness

For general hearing loss patients, senile deafness may take longer to adapt to hearing aids. How should senile deafness adapt to hearing aids?

In fact, it is very simple. According to the process I am going to talk about for you, it is easy to adapt.

Wearing a hearing aid at home in the first week or in a quiet environment1 ~ 2For about an hour, let our ears and brain first adapt to hearing aids and outside sounds.

Wearing a hearing aid while strolling for one lap in the second week of the community or in a relatively quiet environment3 ~ 4Hours, you can’t adapt to it at once, you can divide it twice, once in the morning, once in the evening, and average the time, wear it to fully adapt.

In the third week, go to the park, supermarket or relatively noisy environment, wear the hearing aid and go to those environments, talk to people by the way, wear about4 ~ 6Hours, continue to the next step after adaptation.

In the fourth week, go to the heterocyclic territory, the road, the bus and other places, wear hearing aids.8Hours, just wait for it to fully adapt.

Remember the first week of the above, the second week is just a general time point. The specific adaptation time depends on your age, hearing loss duration, hearing aid brand and other factors. It is not necessary to entangle and time. Hearing aids vary from person to person, some people can adapt in half a month, while others need2This is reasonable for months.

When you are in the process of adapting to the hearing aid, if you feel uncomfortable or feel uncomfortable, please go back to the hearing aid fitting center for debugging. In the initial stage of wearing the hearing aid, it is necessary to debug several times in order to achieve the best hearing aid effect. Don’t bother to go without it, so the ultimate loss is yours.

Finally, remember one point. The principle of adapting to hearing aids is that the time is from short to long, the environment is from quiet to noisy, and the volume is from light to loud.

Senile deafness adaptive hearing aid

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