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What kind of deaf patients can wear hearing aids

People are here40After the age, as your age grows, your hearing will gradually decline. At the beginning, due to the drop in suction, mainly in the high-frequency area, people in daily life need to catch hearing in the low-frequency region. Therefore, at this time, it is not inconvenient for life, but as the age increases, the hearing loss gradually spreads to the low-to-low frequency, which will seriously affect the lives of the elderly. Some people will advise you to wear a hearing aid, and some people will tell you that wearing a hearing aid is not effective. So, what kind of deaf patients can beWearing a hearing aidWhat about it?

In general, a hearing aid can be worn by a patient who can hear the sound by wearing a hearing aid. In principle, deafness is divided into two categories:Conductive deafnessIt is difficult to transmit the sound to the inner ear;Sensorineural deafnessIn the inner ear. The former compensates for the hearing part of the conduction disorder by wearing a hearing aid, and the effect is good. The latter is more complicated, so the hearing aids are not as good as the former. Senile deafness belongs toSensory neurological deafness, his speech recognition ability is poor. Therefore, when the old man wears a hearing aid, there will be a small voice that can’t be heard. If the voice is turned up, it will be too loud to feel that it can’t stand it. Because the old man’s language discrimination ability is poor, he can’t hear what others are saying, which is why some people say that The reason why hearing aids are not good.

Although some older peopleWearing a hearing aidThe results are not ideal, but they can still achieve the goal of improving hearing after training. For older people who are about to wear hearing aids, consult a hearing aid fitter or otologist before they wear a hearing aid. According to the results of the hearing test, choose the appropriate hearing aid to meet your needs. When wearing a hearing aid, the sound should be gradually reduced after the sound is reduced, and the wearing environment should be from quiet to noisy, and the wearing time is from short to long.

Deaf patients wearing hearing aids

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