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How to choose the right hearing aid

1896Bell invented the world’s first deaf electronic hearing aid, but in fact the hearing problem is20century80We only began to pay attention when we were in the ages.

When people meet the basic needs of food, clothing, housing and transportation, we will pay more attention to the quality of life. Although deafness is not fatal, it is very “desperate.” Many deaf patients will choose to fit a hearing aid in order to be able to hear and hear the world again. How do we choose a suitable hearing aid?

First remember one thing, inBuy a hearing aidBefore you need to understand the hearing aid, you have to have a correct and appropriate expectation for your hearing aid. After all, the hearing aid is only an auxiliary tool for life. It is impossible to achieve the effect of the real ear. There will be some distortion phenomenon. Many patients who are not satisfied with hearing aids are because of the initial stage.Buy a hearing aidPrevious expectations for it were too high, and it was thought that wearing a hearing aid would make the same sound as a normal ear, which is unrealistic with current technology.

SecondlyBuy a hearing aidIt is necessary to remember that professional fitting must be carried out. Many patients choose to buy hearing aids cheaply, and some do not understand hearing aids, so they can buy hearing aids without fitting. These patients often have poor performance after wearing hearing aids. It is impossible to wear a hearing aid without a professional fitting, which is why half of a good hearing aid is to see the level of the fitting.

If we can afford to wear a custom machine if economic conditions permit. There are many features of the custom machine such as:

1. Make sound clearer and improve speech recognition

2. It looks more beautiful and easy to carry, which is a boon for young people who love beauty.

3. Increase confidence and avoid psychological barriers

4. easy to use.

We can refer to these points for better hearing aids before purchasing a hearing aid.

Wearing a hearing aid

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