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What should the elderly pay attention to when choosing a hearing aid?

When the elderly choose the hearing aid, they need to pay attention to the following points: simple operation, good effect, high cost performance, so what should you pay attention to?

First, the extent and type of hearing loss. Each type of hearing aid has its own range of adaptations. For example, a hearing aid for the ear can be used for a wide range of hearing loss, which is necessary for severe squat or high frequency sharp drop hearing loss. Some patients with conductive deafness can consider bone conduction hearing aids because of the unsatisfactory results after multiple operations.

Second, the patient’s preferences and aesthetic level. Hearing loss patients have different preferences for various hearing aids. Age seems to be closely related to aesthetic requirements. The more young people, the more hidden hearing aids are needed, such as invisible hearing aids.

Then, the flexibility of the fingers and the vision. In addition to hearing loss, many older people also have poor eyesight, inflexible finger movements, and small hearing aids, making it difficult to install very small batteries. Compared with in-the-ear hearing aids, it is easier to adjust the volume of the behind-the-ear hearing aids, but if the hearing aid has a remote control, it is very easy, and in terms of removing the hearing aid, the in-ear type is better than the ear-back machine. The medicine is a bit simpler.

Finally, the size of the ear canal. The behind-the-ear hearing aid can be equipped with audio input,FMDevices such as interfaces allow directional microphone characteristics that are not present in the case of in-the-ear hearing aids.

When wearing a hearing aid, you should also pay attention to the comfort, echo and noise of the ear.

First of all, for the appearance type of hearing aids, two appearances are recommended for elderly users, namely, the behind-the-ear type and the in-ear type.

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