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Can I recover my hearing after wearing a hearing aid?

Some people think that the reason why they can hear the sound after wearing the hearing aid is because the hearing aid has cured our deafness.

In fact, this is a conceptual error. The hearing aid is similar to glasses. It is an auxiliary tool in our life. The hearing aid can’t help us recover the hearing. He can only enlarge the surrounding sound, then let us I heard the sound that I could not hear.

We need to know that most of the deafness is incurable, so you want to hear the sound and it is very important to wear a hearing aid. However, there are many people who don’t know how to wear a hearing aid. I don’t know if the hearing aid is a small number of people who need accurate fitting. Just ask on the road.10There may be in the individual3.4I don’t know.

The fitting of a hearing aid, whether it is an elderly person or a child or a young person, requires a hearing test first, followed by a professional fitter to determine the hearing, speech recognition, economic ability and other factors that you have checked out. Come to recommend what kind of hearing aid is right for you.

If you don’t have this step, you can buy the one directly and wear it. It will cause discomfort to the patient, and there may be excessive noise, noisy, or inaudible.

Secondly, the professional fitting center will give you more than two kinds of hearing aids for you to listen to, feel the effects of different brands of hearing aids, you can also ask for more hearing aids. Everyone’s preferences for sound quality are different, so audition is a very important thing, and you can also test your ability to withstand noise from audition.

After purchasing the hearing aid, you need to go back to the fitting center for debugging and maintenance. The initial wearing of the hearing aid requires frequent debugging to achieve the best hearing aid effect. Secondly, the maintenance of the hearing aid is also the most important. The life of the hearing aid can be reached5 ~ 8Year, but if you maintain it in place, use it10Year is not a problem. It is best to return to the fitting center for hearing aid maintenance work after purchasing the hearing aid.

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