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Hearing aids are not what you want to wear when you want to wear them.

A grandfather of Hangzhou appeared to have a hearing loss. He asked his son to go online and buy him a hearing aid. But who knows that Wang’s wearing a hearing aid is not needed for less than a month, and he still has nothing to do with it.

Uncle Wang described this hearing aid as follows: After wearing it, the voice is getting bigger, but I still can’t hear what other people are talking about, and people who have a louder voice, and feel that it’s too noisy. Can’t stand it. Then I went to the fitting center to know that the original hearing aids were also required to be fitted with the glasses.

Up to now, many people still don’t know that hearing aids need to be worn before they can be worn. Some people even heard hearing aids, but they don’t know what kind of hearing aids are. If they don’t wear fittings, they will not only wear hearing aids. The user feels uncomfortable and severely causes the patient’s hearing loss to further decrease.

To the professional fitting center with hearing aids, there should be several steps after hearing examination, hearing aid fitting, and follow-up.

During the examination phase, the fitter will judge whether it is suitable for wearing a hearing aid according to the patient’s hearing loss. In general, patients with moderate hearing loss will have the best effect when wearing a hearing aid. If it is a hearing aid that has been professionally tested, it can not only compensate for hearing, but also protect residual hearing, and it is beneficial to suppress tinnitus.

At the same time, in order to protect the hearing, we also need to pay attention to the diet, reasonable diet, reduce foods with high oil, high salt and high sugar, can reduce the possibility of cardiovascular basic, prevent arteriosclerosis and produce inner ear ischemia and lead to hearing loss. Once you find yourself hearing impaired, seek medical attention as soon as possible and hearing loss3The day is gold treatment time, the longer it takes, the worse the recovery will be.3Basically set after a month, so be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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