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What should I pay attention to when I wear a hearing aid?

At first, you need to use a hearing aid in a quiet environment, practice discriminating sounds, and learn to listen to the voices of two people. Don’t expect to achieve good results in a short time, otherwise you will be disappointed. In the beginning, remember not to draw conclusions about the effect of the hearing aid. If some of your friends use hearing aids but are not satisfied with them, you can’t be influenced by them, because that doesn’t mean you are not satisfied.

When initially used, the volume of the hearing aid should be adjusted slightly, first learn to adapt to your own voice. After the sound passes through the hearing aid, it sounds different than before. Therefore, at the beginning, the volume adjustment can be in a comfortable range, and it does not need to care whether the individual words can be heard immediately. If you can’t immediately hear small voices, long distance conversations or conversations in noisy environments, don’t be afraid, this is normal.

“Looking” is also very important in the process of communicating with others. When talking to people, paying attention to the mouth shape, expressions, and movements of the speaker can help you understand what it means.

Ask for help from others. Please try to get your attention before talking to your family and friends. Let them not shout, but slowly say clearly.

When you are in a meeting or listening, you’d better sit in the middle or in front of you. Watching TV or listening to the radio can be difficult. Since actors often like to speak in a special tone, the accompaniment of the music often covers the conversation, so sit as much as possible.2-3
Within the distance of meters, pay attention to the volume and speed of their speech. Soon, you will get used to hearing aids and easily hear what others have said.

First time wearing a hearing aid

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