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Is the hearing aid good for the ear-back machine or the ear?

We all know that hearing aids are divided into ear-back machines and in-ear machines. So when we wear hearing aids, is it better to choose the ear-back machine or the ear machine?

In fact, many people think that the ear machine is more high-end than the ear-back machine, and the effect is better. In fact, this idea is wrong. The same model, the same performance of the hearing aid, whether it is the ear-back machine or the ear machine effect is the same.

As for which of the two is good, I can only say that each has its own advantages.

As the name implies, the ear-back machine is a hearing aid that is hung behind the ear. It is convenient and comfortable to wear, and it does not cause the feeling of blocking the ear and the ear suffocation. Compared with the box type machine, the ear-back machine is more compact and more convenient to carry, and The effect of the sense of direction when the ears are worn is clearer, and the price range is also very large, from high to low. Of course, the ear-back machine also has shortcomings, the most obvious is not enough concealment, which is for the beauty lovers. It is more embarrassing, and it must be easy to get wet.

In-ear machine can also be called custom machine, which is customized according to each person’s ear canal. The ear machine is placed in the ear canal. It looks more beautiful in appearance. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t see it. At the same time, some invisible hearing aids are more subtle. The characteristics of this type of hearing aid are also obvious, small size, small distortion, light weight, and hidden. However, the disadvantage is that the power of the ear machine is not as large as that of the ear, and some patients with severe hearing loss cannot be customized. Secondly, some patients with otitis media or patients who have had a history of otitis media are not recommended to make ear machines. The closed ear canal is likely to cause recurrence of otitis media after lack of ventilation.

In summary, there is no such thing as the ear-back machine and the ear machine. It is only suitable for you.

When choosing which type of hearing aid to choose, you need to consider comprehensive. Generally, infants and young children are not fully developed in the ear canal, so it is recommended to use the ear-back machine. It is also recommended that the hand of the elderly is not particularly flexible. In addition, patients with severe hearing loss mentioned above should use the ear-back machine.

The in-ear machine is suitable for some people who have higher requirements for appearance, and those who do not have serious hearing loss. Because most patients are not part of the line, when choosing a hearing aid, you should listen to the advice of a professional fitter and then make a choice based on your actual situation.

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