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The old man bought a 300 hearing aid at the pharmacy.

The problem is that I know what a person is asking when I know it. When he invited me to answer this question, the first reaction I saw was actually how such a hearing aid would work.

Maybe this is just my idea as an insider. If you are a layman, if you don’t understand the hearing aid industry, you really don’t think so.

We must first understand a concept, the hearing aid is not “buy”, but the “match”, the old man bought300Yuan’s hearing aids are definitely analog hearing aids. These hearing aids do not need to be fitted. They are bought directly, but these hearing aids have many shortcomings. The most prominent is that it can only amplify the sound, but there is no The noise reduction function is the so-called amplification of the received sound, including noise, which will cause the user to have a very noisy phenomenon. Longer use will also cause a further decline in hearing.

Then the old man is going to the pharmacy to buy a hearing aid. The hearing aid should be purchased by a professional fitting center. Because I also said that the hearing aid needs to be fitted, now it is near the market.9The hearing aids are all digital hearing aids. These hearing aids need to be scientifically fitted before they can be worn. The digital hearing aids are also the cheapest.1.2About a thousand, the most expensive can reach4.5Ten thousand yuan, so it’s plain, one price, one price,300How good is the hearing aid of Yuan?

We are no longer wearing hearing aids as before. As long as we can hear the sound, we will be satisfied. With the development of hearing aid technology, the hearing aids for hearing aids are getting higher and higher, so it is not the hearing aids of several hundred yuan. Can be satisfied.

Wearing a hearing aid

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