Some precautions when hearing aids are fitted

With the rapid development of hearing aid technology, more and more new products and new technologies are being introduced. This is to make our hearing loss patients feel more comfortable when wearing hearing aids, and the hearing aid effect is better. But to achieve the best hearing aid effect, light technology is not enough, but also need to be closely integrated with professional fitters. Therefore, the fitting of hearing aids is a very important part. What precautions should we pay attention to when fitting hearing aids?

Evaluation before selecting a hearing aid

The most basic examination is the examination of the tympanic membrane and external auditory canal, pure tone hearing test, speech hearing test, middle ear function test, etc. Through the results of these tests, the fitter will judge whether you have hearing loss, the degree of hearing loss is How much, what kind of hearing loss, and whether it can be cured by treatment, if surgery and medication are unable to restore hearing, then the hearing aid fitter will recommend you to wear a hearing aid.

Professional fitting hearing aid

Any professional fitter will definitely make a simple understanding of the patient’s situation before making a comprehensive consideration. The fitter will be based on your hearing loss, hearing environment needs, age, family economic conditions, hearing aid appearance. And other factors, to provide patients with a variety of suitable hearing aids to choose, rather than a hearing test report to recommend a hearing aid for patients.

User return after fitting the hearing aid

As long as you go to a professional fitting center to perform a hearing aid, the fitter will often return a visit to you in order to understand your hearing aid and whether the hearing aid is abnormal or whether the patient is present. Listen to the feeling of discomfort.

Hearing aid fitting

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