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Ear pain when wearing a hearing aid

Hearing aids are becoming more and more common in our daily lives. Because of the development of hearing aid technology and audiology, more and more people are paying attention to hearing problems, and hearing aids have gradually integrated into our lives.

But I found that many people with hearing loss complained about why my ears hurt when I wear a hearing aid. This is obviously unreasonable.

So what is the cause of those patients who feel ear pain when wearing a hearing aid?

The first reason is the wrong way to wear a hearing aid.

There are two points in this area, one of which is because the hearing aid is too long, and the other is the position of the hearing aid.

Some hearing loss patients can adapt to hearing aids as early as possible, so they choose to wear hearing aids for a long time, and they choose to wear them all at once.10A few hours, but this is wrong. When you first adapt to the hearing aid, the time to start wearing the hearing aid should not exceed3To4Hours, the application is that you need to take it slowly, gradually through the accumulation of time, and you can’t wear it all at once.10Hours, this will not only have no effect, but also cause your ears to hurt.

Then there is an error in the position of the hearing aid. Generally, only the in-the-ear hearing aid can cause the hearing aid to be worn. If the position of the hearing aid is incorrect, it will cause pressure on the ear. If you place it correctly, it is very convenient to take out. And adjusted.

For the second reason, the hearing aid is not compatible with your ear canal.

Hearing aids, whether in the ear or in the ear, are custom-made. For hearing-impaired patients with a narrow ear canal, when wearing a hearing aid, you can choose to pull the ear back and up, so that the ear canal is as straight as possible, so that the hearing aid can be inserted into the ear canal.

The third cause is an infection in the ear canal.

Compared with the previous two types of earache caused by hearing aids, this reason is because of the ear canal, regardless of the hearing aid, ear canal infection should be removed as soon as possible, active treatment, to eliminate infection in the ear canal Wear it later, often because of an ear canal infection caused by incorrect hearing aids.

When we wear a hearing aid, if there is any discomfort, if you don’t know it, it is best to call a professional fitter and ask them to give you some advice.

Wearing a hearing aid

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