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Wear hearing aids as soon as possible after hearing loss

Hearing loss is a common deafness. Although hearing aids have gradually spread, there are still many people who think that hearing loss is only a minor problem. They can drag and drop, and often they end up losing.

Hearing loss can be divided into five grades.0 ~ 25Decibel is normal hearing. If you have no problem with your hearing, the result of the inspection is in this area.26 ~ 40Decibel we call mild hearing loss,41To60Decibels are moderate hearing loss.61 ~ 80Decibels are moderate to severe hearing loss.81 ~ 100Is severe hearing loss,100We are more than decibels and we call it very severe hearing loss.

So in terms of single-effect wear, the effect of moderate hearing loss is the best, that is, your hearing loss is41 ~ 60It is optimistic that the hearing aid of the hearing aid is worn by the patient between the decibels.

We often say that hearing aids need to be worn as soon as possible after hearing loss. This is because long-term non-intervention of hearing loss will not only cause permanent hearing loss, but also further reduce your hearing. Once your hearing loss reaches severe or severe, then the hearing aid after wearing the hearing aid is definitely not ideal. Therefore, after you find that the hearing loss has passed, you need to treat it promptly, wear the hearing aid as early as possible to avoid further hearing. Damaged.

Wearing a hearing aid

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