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What are the types of deafness?

Deafness is divided into three main types: inductive deafness, conductive deafness, and mixed deafness.

Sensual deafness can be said to be the most difficult and most troublesome kind of deafness, mostly due to congenital or acquired causes of deafness in the ear canal or the central nervous system. And the hearing loss often caused by sensorineural deafness is irreversible.

Conductive deafness is relatively the most easily treated of these deafness. Conductive deafness is mostly caused by otitis media, sputum embolism, foreign body in the ear, tympanic membrane perforation, etc. Conductive deafness patients generally only After the treatment of the cause, there will be no permanent hearing loss, such as conductive deafness caused by embolism, as long as the sputum in the ear is removed, the original hearing can be restored, and the tympanic membrane perforation is caused. Patients with conductive deafness will only need to recover after repairing the tympanic membrane.

Mixed deafness is actually more troublesome. Patients with mixed deafness are more miserable. He has both conductive deafness and sensorineural deafness. Both of them exist as mixed deafness. For patients with this type of deafness, we are generally treated with a comprehensive treatment.

There are many treatments, such as medication, surgery, and wearing hearing aids. When we have deafness and hearing loss, please seek medical advice promptly. Don’t feel that you can drag it and treat it as soon as possible to avoid permanent hearing loss. When you regret it, it will be too late.


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