Why can’t I hear the hearing aid?

The hearing aid is an auxiliary tool that allows the hearing loss patient to hear and hear the sound again. However, after wearing the hearing aid, some people still can’t hear what others are saying. What is the reason?

First of all, we need to consider a question. The results of the hearing test are accurate. The current hearing aids are basically digital hearing aids. We will perform hearing tests before the hearing aids are fitted. The accuracy of the hearing test results will directly affect the wearing of hearing aids later. The comfort of the time, the more accurate the hearing test, the better the hearing aid effect.

If the hearing test is not accurate, then our only solution is to re-examine.

Secondly, we need to consider whether the hearing aid adapts to the current environment. Some international big-name hearing aids will spend a lot of money every year to develop hearing aid technology. Generally speaking, the more expensive the hearing aid is, the more complicated the environment can adapt. The cheaper the hearing aid can adapt to the environment, the more simple, the price is the same.

Furthermore, we need to consider the type of hearing loss. Different types of hearing loss are naturally different for hearing aids. There are three types of hearing loss, which are conductive deafness, sensorineural deafness and mixed deafness. The hearing aid effect of conductive deafness is the best, mixed deafness is second, and finally the sensorineural deafness.

Another less common central deafness, if you are suffering from deafness of this nature, then unfortunately, even if it is a high-end hearing aid, the hearing aid effect will not be ideal.

Finally, we need to consider whether you have passed the adaptation period of the hearing aid. In general, the hearing period of a hearing aid is one to three months. The specific adaptation time is determined by factors such as your hearing loss, hearing age, and age. The longer the hearing loss age, the older the age, the more serious the hearing loss, and the longer your adaptation period.

Wearing a hearing aid

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