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It’s getting harder and harder to listen to people, be careful about hearing loss

When many people communicate with others, they find it harder and harder to understand what others have said. When friends call, they often involuntarily increase the volume. In the company meeting, they often want to hear the boss’s request. I’m trying hard to listen. When someone else talks to you, you need to let someone else re-speak it again if you don’t pay attention. It’s basically because your hearing has dropped, you have to be more than ever. Listen carefully and concentrate on understanding what others are saying.

Long-term appearance is similar to these situations. We can basically call it hearing loss, while short-term is called hearing fatigue. For people with normal hearing, long-term high-concentration listening sounds will also suffer from auditory fatigue. How do you need to relieve it in the face of hearing fatigue?

Leave the noise source and go for a walk

When you are tired, leave the current environment and go outside. Of course, this outside does not mean the road, but a quiet path or a quiet environment. You just change the place on the road to let you continue to accept the noise. The baptism of it. When you are tired, go to those places, go to a cup of tea, read a book or squat for a while, not only let your body relax, but also let your hearing relax.

Take more deep breath

Deep breathing is a good thing. When you feel depressed, stressful and other negative emotions, deep breathing can empty the brain’s distracting thoughts, but also lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Reduce background noise as much as possible

If we are hearing-impaired patients, it is difficult to hear what others have said from the noise environment. Therefore, reducing the noise environment is a very important thing.

Early intervention early treatment

After hearing loss, early intervention and early treatment is an important thing. Generally speaking, hearing loss72Within the hour is the golden treatment period. Once this time is passed, the effect of treatment and the possibility of recovery will be greatly reduced, so don’t feel that it can be dragged and delayed. It is the truth to treat as soon as possible.

Hearing loss

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