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Wearing a hearing aid can damage your hearing?

Wearing a hearing aid can damage your hearing. Before answering this question, we first need to know what the concept of injury hearing is.

Here we can understand the damage hearing, we can understand that it is impossible to regenerate the hearing hair cells in the human ear. As we grow older, our auditory hair cells will gradually decay and die. In terms of your birth, your hearing is gradually declining, but this decline is extremely slow and has been in the normal hearing range, so you will not feel any problems with your hearing, but with With age, most people are around40Beginning at the age of more, when hearing loss gradually reaches a mild hearing loss, they will slowly become aware of it.

Hearing aids are actually a type of headphones. We all wear headphones. When we wear headphones, we are basically intermittent. It is taken after a period of time, but when we do subway, bus, The surrounding noise will exceed70Above the decibel, in order to be able to hear it, we will unconsciously increase the volume inside the earphone. Therefore, wearing headphones for a long time and at a high volume will accelerate our hearing loss.

Ok, then go back to the previous question. Is wearing a hearing aid hurting our hearing? Whether the answer is correct or not, it can be said that it is not right, because the problem is not rigorous enough.

If you wear the hearing aid correctly and wear it after professional fitting, then you will not cause hearing loss. If you do not perform the fitting, you will wear a hearing loss that does not match your hearing loss. Hearing aids, naturally, you can not only protect your residual hearing after wearing a hearing aid, but also cause your hearing to drop further, causing more serious hearing loss.

Wearing a hearing aid

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