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How long can a hearing aid last? How to maintain it

Everything has a life span, and so is a hearing aid. Generally speaking, a hearing aid can be used.5 ~ 8In the year, of course, this is only a general matter. After all, each person’s usage habits are different, and the maintenance methods and times are different, thus creating hearing aids of various useful lives.

Maybe some people’s hearing aids are only used.3Years are gone, and some people’s hearing aids are used.10I can still work as usual, I have seen the most exaggerated grandfather, his hearing aid is fully used.16In the year, it can be seen that the maintenance of the hearing aid is very important. The long life of the maintenance is naturally long, the maintenance is poor, and the life is naturally short.

So how do we care for hearing aids in our daily hearing loss patients wearing hearing aids?

For the maintenance of hearing aids, in fact, I have repeatedly stressed four defenses: moisture, shock, dust, sunscreen.

These four points are done, although there is no guarantee that your hearing aid can use10For a few years, but at least the most basic life expectancy is achievable.

The first is moisture-proof. Hearing aids are electronic products. We all know that most electronic products are very afraid of water. Although many hearing aid brands have introduced waterproof hearing aids, they can be touched without touching the water. When we wash our hair and wash our face, be careful not to let him touch the water, and some hearing-impaired patients wearing a behind-the-ear hearing aid should pay special attention to not letting it rain when it rains.

Then it is shockproof and shockproof. We can also say that it is anti-drop. We must always pay attention to not let it fall and collide. Our hearing aids are quite fragile. The phenomenon of falling collisions may cause the hearing aid shell to rupture or even internal parts.

Dust-proof maintenance work is actually the dust in the outside world. The most common one is the sputum in the ear. For those patients with more sputum, once the hearing aid is blocked, the lighter ones will be inaudible. The phenomenon of lightening the sound, serious will damage the receiver, resulting in no sound.

Sunscreen is generally more important in the summer, and some people choose to put the hearing aid in the sun after the hearing aid is damp. . . Also placed on the side of the heater, and even some people put it in the microwave to heat up, and when I finished, I asked if I was silent, I still wondered if I didn’t blow it.

Hearing aid maintenance

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