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Can you wear a hearing aid with extremely heavy hearing loss?

When we have a hearing loss phenomenon, the first time is definitely to go to the hospital for examination and identification, and then determine the degree of hearing loss, then wear a hearing aid.

Hearing loss can be divided into four grades, namely, mild hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, severe hearing loss and extremely severe hearing loss. Generally speaking, the hearing aid after wearing a hearing aid is closely related to our hearing loss. But the less the hearing loss, the better the hearing aid effect.

In theory, wearing a hearing aid as long as you still have residual hearing, then it is effective to wear, but in fact how the specific effect, it is hard to say.

Extremely severe hearing loss has two characteristics. The most obvious is that it is basically inaudible. The degree of hearing loss is quite serious. Secondly, the hearing sensitivity is reduced a lot. The so-called lower hearing sensitivity means that you can hear the sound, but basic I can’t hear clearly, and I can’t extract valid information from the sounds I hear.

In the face of extremely severe hearing loss patients, we generally recommend him to use ultra-high power digital hearing aids, and the final hearing aid effect depends on the patient’s specific hearing loss.

Extremely severe hearing loss is theoretically90Above the decibel, hearing loss90Decibels are also extremely severe hearing loss, and hearing loss is120Decibels are also extremely severe hearing loss, so the effect is naturally different.

Many extremely severe hearing loss patients can only feel the shock of the sound after wearing the hearing aid, but you can’t hear what is specific. When we encounter such patients, we do not recommend him to wear hearing aids. Cochlear implant.

Therefore, for patients with very severe hearing loss, whether you want to wear a hearing aid or not, you need to see your own level of hearing loss.

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