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Temporary hearing loss is not terrible, but don’t drag

Before talking to some of my buddies inadvertently, a buddy spoke about his previous experience. Once a foreign combination came to China to open a concert, then he went to listen, and when it was heard, it really exploded. American rock, death heavy metal, listened to super cool, and then ended the departure, suddenly found a sound of snoring in his ear, and seeing the people around him feel only the mouth is moving, no sound. As a result, this buddy is too big to manage this matter, plus the evening.11More points, he also planned to go back to sleep, and the next day, he found that he could not hear clearly before going to the hospital to see a doctor. Fortunately, the discomfort was very serious and did not cause any serious problems. This was the case.

When I heard about this, the first reaction was that my brother suffered from temporary hearing loss. There are many kinds of temporary hearing loss. I will briefly describe a few here.

The first one, noise.

To know that our ears are quite fragile, very sensitive to high-intensity noise, especially those90Noise above decibels.

Have you ever experienced the proximity of the speaker, when you make a sound, your whole person is shaking.

If the noise deafness is serious, it will cause irreversible hearing loss. Whether it is temporary or irreversible, you must see the intensity of the noise and the distance between the noise and your ear.

Second, the ear canal is blocked.

When some foreign objects, or deafness, are blocked, we not only feel hearing loss, we can’t hear the sound, but we also have a certain feeling of ear nausea.

Generally, there is temporary hearing loss caused by foreign body blockage in the ear. Just remove the foreign body and recover the hearing. If you want small foreign objects such as small beads or beans and deep in the ear canal, don’t take it yourself and go to the hospital to find a doctor. They will use professional props to help you out.

The third, ototoxic drugs.

Hearing loss caused by ototoxic drugs is no longer a minority. Some drugs can cause temporary hearing loss after use, and even cause permanent hearing loss, which is irreversible.

Therefore, before using the medicine, we must ask the doctor whether the medicine is an ototoxic drug, and the side effects are confirmed.

Hearing loss

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