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Can I wear a hearing aid during exercise?

Exercise is an indispensable part of our life. Exercise can play the role of strengthening the body, improving mental health and enriching social, cultural and recreational life. For those of us with hearing loss, we can be in the process of exercise. Wearing a hearing aid?

In fact, this depends on what sports, basically most of the sports we can wear hearing aids in the process, but need to touch the water will not work, such as swimming, diving and other water projects, although now a lot The hearing aids are waterproof, but you can guarantee that during the swimming process, the hearing aid can be completely harmless during the process of being completely underwater.

Secondly, for some patients who wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid for strenuous exercise, it is easier to drop and lose. When doing these exercises, if your hearing loss is not serious, lighter, I still recommend After you take off the hearing aid, wait until your exercise is over and continue to wear it. If your hearing loss is serious, then I don’t recommend that you take off the hearing aid. After all, your hearing loss is serious. If you take it off, you may listen. If you don’t see some important instructions from the coach or you may encounter some dangers, if you still insist on wearing a hearing aid, you can wear a lanyard to fix the hearing aid to avoid falling.

Whenever we finish the exercise, it will inevitably produce a little sweat. The sweat is different from the different water stains.98%It is all water, but the ingredients inside are salt, urea, fatty acids, etc., so sweat is more corrosive to hearing aids than normal water.

Therefore, after the end of the exercise, we should first remove the hearing aid, wipe it with a clean paper towel or a dry cotton cloth, then wipe the sweat around the inner ear of the ear and then wear the hearing aid.

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