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It’s too late to wear a hearing aid until you can’t hear it!

Hearing aids are often devices that are used by hearing-impaired patients, but often many people do not pay too much attention to deafness. There are many reasons for this. For example, some people think that hearing aids are not good-looking, and it is inevitable that they will be seen by others. There is a feeling of inferiority, and some people think that deafness is also a disability. Then, if I wear a hearing aid, does it mean that I am a “disabled person”, but most people still think that deafness is no big deal, just not listening. It’s just something that doesn’t matter.

The purpose of wearing a hearing aid is to wear as soon as possible. In theory, the shorter the hearing loss, the better the effect of wearing a hearing aid, and the effect of treatment is naturally the best, such as sudden deafness. Gold treatment time is again72Within hours, but often people will drag1Month, even3After a month, I almost couldn’t hear it until I was treated. When we asked why I didn’t come early, the reason was often that I was too busy to have time. I thought I couldn’t hear it for a while, and I would wait a while later. For other reasons, but when you drag it to this time to treat again, it is too late, the hearing loss is already very serious, and the hearing naturally cannot be recovered.

Everyone has different definitions of inaudible and inaccurate, so it is necessary to go to a professional fitting center to check the hearing test through a professional machine. In theory, hearing loss120Above the decibel we can call it a full squat, and usually the majority of people who can’t hear it are more than severe hearing loss.

It is too late to wear a hearing aid when this hearing loss is reached. Especially for very severe hearing loss patients, the specific gravity is serious, but it is better than the whole, and there is still a trace of residual hearing. For these people. Even if you wear a super-powered hearing aid and communicate with others, you may not be sure to hear what the other person is saying. They want to hear the sound again and can only choose to implant the cochlear implant, but the price of the cochlea is not comparable to the price of the hearing aid.

Therefore, when we have symptoms or symptoms of hearing loss, we must go to the hospital as soon as possible for treatment. If necessary, wear a hearing aid as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you can’t hear it, then choose to wear a hearing aid. This is often too late.

Wearing a hearing aid

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