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How to maintain hearing aids in autumn

Different from the north, the autumn in the south is still rainy and humid. Now it is approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival. Our big Hangzhou is about to usher in the 13th typhoon “Ling Ling” this year, and friends in Guangdong may also encounter the 14th. Typhoon “Swordfish.”

So how do we care for hearing aids in this wet and rainy autumn?

We all know that hearing aids are sophisticated electronic products. We need to pay attention to moisture during the wearing process. The temperature range from summer to autumn in the south is very large, and it can plummet overnight.10A few degrees, and because of the rain, the air is relatively humid, so we also found that there are many users of hearing aids this season.

Therefore, after wearing a hearing aid for one day, we asked to put the hearing aid into the dry box every night, and remember to open the door and put it into the drying box. When the desiccant in the drying box is used more times. I found that it is discolored, which means that it needs to be replaced. If you continue to use it, it will not achieve that effect.

If the hearing aid is inadvertently damp, there is no sound, you need to take the battery, put it in the dry box, and then rush to the hearing aid fitting center as soon as possible to carry out professional vacuum dehumidification.

In addition, the battery of the hearing aid needs to be replaced in time. Generally, the rechargeable hearing aids are excluded, and the hearing aid battery can be used.5 ~ 7The look of the day, when you find that your hearing aid sounds lighter or no sound, you need to consider whether the hearing aid battery is dead. After the power is off, you need to change the hearing aid in time.

If the battery is dead, it will continue to be stuffy in the hearing aid. It will cause some substances inside the battery to be exposed, causing the battery to leak. At that time, it will corrode other parts inside the hearing aid and cause damage.

When we go out to meet the rainy days, if you don’t have an umbrella, hurry to find a place to hide from the rain, try not to let the hearing aid get wet. If the rain will be small for a while, you don’t have an umbrella, and there is no place to buy an umbrella nearby. Take a taxi.

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