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Can the hearing aid be worn with both ears?

In fact, I am aware of this problem. When I saw this problem, I was shocked. There are always so many people who can think of strange problems. . .

We all know that hearing aids are divided into ear-back machines and custom-made machines. The ear-back machine is a hearing aid worn behind the ear, while the custom machine has a hearing device called an in-ear machine that is worn inside the ear canal.

So for this question, I want to say that it is ok, but there are preconditions, if you are wearing a back-and-back machine, then you can wear both ears, but before you change your ears, you need to check it first. The center can be re-commissioned.

This is because the degree of hearing loss in our two ears, the threshold of the sound that can be heard at different frequencies is different, just like your eyes, many patients with myopia actually have different degrees of their eyes, and from the aspects of audiology In other words, the ear is more complicated than the eye. Nowadays, the hearing aids are basically all digital hearing aids. It is necessary for the fitter to debug after analyzing the audiograms, so if you really want two The ear is changed, so it needs to be re-commissioned.

Secondly, if the hearing aid you wear is a custom machine, then you can’t change your ears. The custom machine needs to be tailored to your ear canal. You can guarantee the ear canal of your two ears. Is it exactly the same? No one can guarantee that if you force to wear, not only will the hearing loss that I said above be inconsistent, but if your ear canal is smaller than the hearing aid, then the hearing aid will whistle, murmur, your ear canal is larger than that hearing aid. Will cause bleeding in the ear canal and other phenomena.

Therefore, I personally recommend a hearing aid not to wear both ears. If both ears have hearing loss, it is recommended to wear hearing aids better in both ears.

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