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What types of hearing aids can be divided into

Hearing aids are at1896Invented in the year, there are already100With years of history, what types of hearing aids can be divided into?

Roughly speaking, hearing aids can be divided into box hearing aids, analog hearing aids and digital hearing aids.

Box hearing aids are in20Invented in the era, it is accurately derived from the oldest desktop, but the box hearing aid has many disadvantages, and it is also cumbersome for the present, and it is not very convenient to carry. It has been abandoned by the times. The market has been eliminated.

Followed by analog hearing aids, the most common analog hearing aids are the ear-back machines. The analog hearing aids are mainly integrated operational amplifiers composed of transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc. The advantages of such hearing aids are obvious: cheap! It’s really cheap, it’s very cheap compared to most hearing aids today, and it’s a very good choice for hearing loss patients who don’t have high sound quality, and the power of these hearing aids is generally large, some Patients with severe hearing loss are more suitable for use.

Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious, because such hearing aids do not need to be debugged, so the ability to adapt to the environment is very poor. In some noisy environments, it will be very noisy and distorted. For those with sensorineural deafness. After a long time of use, it will cause more serious damage to hearing.

In fact, it is a digital hearing aid that was invented in recent years. The digital hearing aid has the characteristics of automatic noise reduction according to different environments, distinguishing the sense of direction, compression ratio, etc., and avoids the phenomenon that the simulated hearing aid appears whispered and loudly loud. The first intelligent digital hearing aid chip in China was successfully developed by the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is the first hearing aid core in China.SoCThe chip is a true single-chip fully integrated hearing aid solution.

Most of the digital hearing aids on the market are now better experienced, and the rest of the boxed hearing aids and analog hearing aids have basically been eliminated.

Digital hearing aid

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