Wearing a hearing aid does not mean disability

In the eyes of many young people, they all think that wearing a hearing aid is equivalent to acknowledging that they are disabled. Therefore, they often have hearing loss, but they do not choose to wear hearing aids. In the end, hearing loss is getting worse and harder until they almost listen. If you don’t see it, you should pay attention to it.

But actually you can hear and hear the sound. It is just a demand for the ear. Do you think that meeting the hearing needs is a manifestation of disability?

The idea of ​​wearing a hearing aid equal to disability is deeply rooted in the hearts of a group of people. From the very beginning, they used a different perspective to look at the hearing aid. This is a conceptual error.

Hearing and vision are the same. Only in a good range can you hear it clearly, and you can see it clearly. According to your daily work or life needs, a myopia is only150People who choose to wear glasses will also choose this. Why? It is because you can wear glasses to see clearly, in order to meet daily needs, shouldn’t it be the case to wear hearing aids? Do you have to wait until you are almost smashed, and almost everyone can’t hear it, then interfere, and then wear a hearing aid? At this time, it is already late!

As a fitter, I usually cut in from two points for patients who need to wear a hearing aid.

The first hearing test.

The degree of hearing loss required to wear the hearing aid is determined by the results of the pure tone hearing test and the language hearing test.

In general, when your hearing loss is reached40When decibels and above, we will recommend you to wear a hearing aid. By the way, normal hearing is in0 ~ 25Between the decibels, some people can still hear-10Decibel, once it exceeds25Decibel means that you already have hearing loss. After hearing loss, you need to pay attention to it and always pay attention to your hearing.

The second life situation of oneself.

In addition to the above series of examination results, I will also ask the patient’s daily life and communication.

Most people have exceeded40After hearing loss of decibel, I will choose to wear a hearing aid under my suggestion, but I have also encountered a case where I have achieved moderate to severe hearing loss, thinking that older people are older because of his own lifestyle. I will never go out to talk on weekdays, nor will I watch TV. I will eat and eat on weekdays, sleep and watch the time of the newspaper. Therefore, he does not think that he has to wear a hearing aid. Although his children have persuaded him several times, he still We are determined not to wear it. In this case, we have no way to follow the patient’s own wishes.

Wearing a hearing aid

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