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Why do I wear a hearing aid that is different from others?

I have encountered a lot of hearing loss patients will come to complain that they clearly wear the same brand of hearing aids, why do I sound better than others?

In fact, you don’t need to know any complicated hearing aid models for this problem. What are the hearing aid performances? You only need to know that your hearing loss is different! So can you have the same effect after wearing a hearing aid?

Not to mention everyone, the degree of hearing loss in your own two ears is different. You are a severe hearing loss patient, while the other is moderate hearing loss, then generally wearing a hearing aid The best hearing aid effect is that the moderate hearing loss is the degree of hearing loss.40To60Between the decibels. Is it that many people think that the lighter the hearing loss, the better the hearing aid effect? This is actually not the case, the best moderate hearing loss, followed by mildness.

Secondly, the nature of your hearing loss is different. Suppose one is conductive deafness, and you are senile deafness. Which hearing aid do you think will be better? It is undoubtedly that patients with conductive deafness have better hearing aids.

And you are a senile deafness patient. For you, you should clearly understand and understand these two concepts. The relationship between the two is like seeing and seeing the relationship. You don’t necessarily see it clearly. But you can see it clearly, and it is also true for listening. If you hear it, it means you can hear it, and if you hear it clearly, you have already heard it.

Hearing is only necessary to go through the auditory organ of the ear, but if you want to hear it, you still need to go through the brain. Therefore, after wearing the hearing aid, you still have a clear hearing, but you still can’t understand the phenomenon and the hearing aid. It doesn’t matter, the method you want to understand is only more practice.

Then, for the hearing aid after wearing the hearing aid, you should have a reasonable expectation of the hearing aid before you buy the hearing aid. The hearing aid is only a life aid, not the natural organ or tissue of our body, so it is impossible. To achieve the effect of the real ear, so you should do some homework before buying a hearing aid, to understand the hearing aid, do not blindly buy.

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