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Do you have to buy a hearing aid?

Many people, including those who are not hearing patients, always have some doubts about hearing aids. Why do you have to buy a hearing aid yourself? Is it not possible to ask someone to help me with my purchase?

In fact, you have to know that buying a hearing aid requires a professional matching process.

The choice of hearing aids and optional glasses actually have certain in common, but whether it is hearing or visually compared to hearing aids and glasses, the former is more complicated than the latter, and requires more in the fitting process. For the fine.

Before selecting a hearing aid, our fitter will first ask the patient’s medical history, and then check the patient’s ear canal to see if there is foreign body in the ear canal or if the tympanic membrane is normal. The patient is then subjected to a hearing test to check the patient’s hearing. After all, we need to wear a hearing aid according to the patient’s hearing.

In addition to these tests, we also need to know that the hearing loss of each hearing loss patient is different, and the sensitivity and feeling of the hearing aid are also different, so there will be various problems in the audition. Or discomfort, this time you need to communicate with the fitter to debug.

And if our current hearing aids are to be worn comfortably, they need to be in close contact with the ear canal. Therefore, before wearing the hearing aid, it is necessary to take the ear sample, customize the eardrum, and the hearing condition of your ear and the previous determination must be purchased. The type of hearing aid type then gives your ear proofing and custom-made an eardrum. Only then will you feel comfortable wearing a hearing aid and also help hearing aids when wearing a hearing aid.

Therefore, after reading these operations, do you think that buying a hearing aid can also let others help you with purchasing? I know why we often emphasize that I must go to buy a hearing aid. So when your friend troubles you to help him buy a hearing aid, please be sure to refuse, and tell him why he should not let others suffer. Now most of the hearing aid fitting centers require me to go to the fitting. So you don’t have to buy it when you go.

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