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Can a hearing aid from someone else be worn?

I thought before70The old man from the old age came to us to ask, he said: Why is my hearing aid not very good, can you help me?

Then we asked where the hearing aid was bought, and the old man replied that his son had spent it abroad.2wI bought a lot of money for me. I said that I don’t want it. He has to send it. As a result, I don’t wear it. The price is so expensive, I still haven’t.200Hearing aids bought by the money are heard.

This is indeed a case that happened to us. Many elderly people suffer from hearing loss. Of course, we want to help our parents, but we don’t know much about hearing aids. So far, many people think that hearing aids are just worn. It’s just fine, so it’s going to happen to the above-mentioned “filial piety” son’s anecdote.2wYuan’s hearing aids are not yet200The effect of the yuan is good.

Today’s hearing aids are basically digital hearing aids. The previous analog hearing aids have been eliminated in the market. They are not very readable. The digital hearing aids replaced by hearing aids are better and more complex hearing aids. .

The hearing aid that the uncle’s son bought for the elderly is obviously a digital hearing aid, but because he lacks the common sense of hearing aids and does not understand the hearing aids, he bought them and sent them back. I don’t know that the current hearing aids need accurate fitting.

The fitting of the hearing aid is the same as the optometry of the glasses. The glasses are worn according to the degree of our eyes. The hearing aids are worn according to the degree of hearing loss of our ears, so the two have in common.

The so-called “fit” refers to the selection of hearing aids suitable for oneself after hearing various types of hearing tests under the guidance of professional hearing aid technicians. Since each person’s hearing situation is different, the hearing aid is Hearing aids that cannot be worn and worn without fitting are greatly discounted in terms of wearing effect.

I said before that everyone’s hearing loss is different, so your hearing aid can’t be worn by others. Then someone will say, if I have the same hearing loss as another person, can I wear it? My answer is still not good. Even if the two people have the same nature and degree of hearing loss, the living habits of the two of you, the need for hearing aids and the feelings of the hearing aids are definitely different, so you can’t wear other people’s hearing aids.

Each hearing aid has its own characteristics, find the most suitable one, the most suitable one for hearing aids, so that it will feel comfortable when worn.

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