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What is the danger of wearing a hearing aid?

The hearing aid is a hearing impaired person, which is what we call the hearing loss patient. However, there are many hearing aids that have not worn the hearing aid. The hearing loss patient who is going to wear the hearing aid will ask, will there be any hearing aid? What about the hazard?

After all, the world is still rumored to be wearing hearing aids, and the more negative the news about hearing aids.

In fact, these negative information about hearing aids have long been proven to be false.

We can’t do without wearing a hearing aid. It feels that the more we wear the hearing aid, the fact that it is because the hearing aid has an effect. These are the reasons. It is also because some patients have taken the hearing aid after wearing the hearing aid for a while. The result feels more embarrassing than before, but in fact it is only your psychological effect, because your brain is used to wearing the hearing aid, you can hear the sound, so after removing the hearing aid, your brain is not used to it. It can’t be reacted, which leads to this phenomenon. If you are careful, you can do a hearing test. You will find that there is no change in the hearing situation after you take off the hearing aid and the hearing situation before wearing the hearing aid.

There are also some patients who are wearing hearing aids for the first time. There are always people complaining that they can’t adapt to hearing aids, the sound is not clear enough, there is a feeling of earplugs, etc. Of course, it is undeniable that these reasons are not correct, the quality of the products is not good. However, Guan, the expectations in his heart are too high, etc. The most important thing is that the patient lacks training for hearing aid adaptation.

The process of hearing aid adaptation is not complicated. The principle is two things: persistence and planning.

Want to be in a short time2.3day3.4I have never seen a god in the hearing aids. In general, it is necessary to adapt to hearing aids.1To3The time of the month is determined by factors such as your own hearing loss, length of hearing loss, age, and so on.

We adapt to hearing aids from short to long, from soft to loud, from quiet to noisy, step by step, slowly, don’t be eager to adapt to hearing aids in the short term, only slowly to adapt better, and secondly, when we When you feel any discomfort in adapting to the hearing aid, you should pick it up in time and wait until it is fully adapted before increasing the wearing time.

Wearing a hearing aid

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