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Why do you want to wear two hearing aids?

Today, a well-known netizen asked me personally, why did the fittings of the fitting center let me wear two hearing aids? Is it intentional to hang me, want to make me money?

In fact, this is really not bad for them, although it does not rule out that some people with austerity are deliberately serious in order to make money, but in general, the fitters will think for the sake of customers.

Does it really need to wear two hearing aids? It depends on whether you have hearing loss in both ears or only hearing loss in your ears.

If you are a single-ear hearing loss patient, you can wear a hearing aid, no need to wear two, if you are hearing loss, then you need to wear two hearing aids.

When both ears have hearing loss, wearing two hearing aids can avoid hearing deprivation and protect residual hearing. We all know that if you have hearing loss but do not wear hearing aids for a long time, our brain will gradually forget the sound. And the hearing loss of the ear without the hearing aid will be more obvious.

Secondly, wearing a hearing aid with both ears can be positioned by the sound source. The simple point is to make the sound more stereoscopic. It is easier to tell which direction the sound is coming from. If you only have a hearing aid, then you can’t do it. Precise positioning.

In the case of hearing loss in both of your ears, insisting on wearing a hearing aid will also increase the burden on the ear wearing the hearing aid. The general sound will be transmitted to the ear with better hearing. It is a phenomenon that causes hearing fatigue in ears with good hearing. In the long run, it will cause further damage to the hearing, and the sound that can be heard by both ears is larger than that of the single ear, and it will sound more than a single ear. relaxing.

Therefore, whether or not to wear two hearing aids depends on whether your hearing loss is single ear or both ears. The hearing loss of one ear does not need to spend two hearing aids, the hearing loss of both ears, in order to better The hearing aid and the protection of your residual hearing, so it is best to wear two hearing aids.

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