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How long does the hearing aid “live”?

Hearing aids are a compact electronic product. Each electronic product has its own life, which is the life we ​​call. How long does a hearing aid last?

The life of a hearing aid is generally5To8About a year, but the most important thing is that according to the individual’s habits, followed by environmental factors, hearing aid product quality and so on, there will be some differences.

There are many ways to maintain the hearing aid. Basically, most of the methods have been proven to be feasible. On weekdays, when the hearing aid is not needed at night, we need to open the door of the hearing aid and then put it into the drying box for drying. This can not only achieve the function of moisture-proof, but also help to increase the service life of the hearing aid. In addition, it is best to return to the hearing aid fitting center regularly to do a professional vacuum dehumidification maintenance.

When we take a shower, we must remember to take the hearing aid off when we wash our hair. Don’t think that the current hearing aids are waterproof. It is easy to wash underwater. For hearing aids, water is its biggest enemy. Therefore, it is dry. The environment is the best for hearing aids.

The life of the hearing aid is linked to the patient’s habits. You are well maintained and use a7.8Year is not a problem, even10Your hearing aid can still operate as usual, and the maintenance is not good. It may be used.2.3Your hearing aid will be abolished in the past. I have seen a client before. It is for my uncle. I really admire him. His hearing aid is fully used.16In the year, it can be seen that the maintenance of hearing aids has an impact on their longevity.

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