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Sudden deafness is not terrible

If one day you are excited about the brushing of the night2Point, then lie down and sleep, the next morning I suddenly found my ears smashed, how would you feel?

What is the first reaction of most people? How am I smashed? Then I took a finger and rubbed my ear and found it useless. I then patted my ear and found it was useless. Then:~~~~~How am I smashed! I started to squat.

This is sudden deafness, abbreviated as abrupt, in fact, we are suffering from sudden deafness is not terrible, the correct understanding of the disease, understanding the condition, timely treatment is nothing to panic, then come to understand the sudden Sexual deafness.

Sudden deafness refers to the sudden occurrence of unexplained sensorineural deafness in a few hours.3Reduce hearing to a minimum during the day.

The cause of sudden deafness is unknown, but it is related to viral infection, inner ear blood supply, autoimmune disease, psychological state and other factors.

When you have sudden deafness, the most obvious is hearing loss. In general, sudden deafness is unilateral deafness, followed by tinnitus. Turbulence and tinnitus are more common. In fact, some patients have tinnitus in the sudden, and some people will feel dizzy.

What should we do when we are awkward?

Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic, there are always people who think that there are too many deafness in their ears, or something that is blocked when they are blocked. Actually, it is not. The nature of these two deafness is different. We are talking about abruptness, and the deafness is conductive deafness, and the feeling is different.

Then we have to remember a principle of sudden deafness in gold treatment time after the onset72Within this hour, once this time is exceeded, the effect of treatment will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, when we find that we have a sudden phenomenon, timely treatment, active treatment, as long as the treatment is timely, the treatment effect will naturally not be very bad, there will be no sequelae.

Sudden deafness

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