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How do people who wear hearing aids feel inferior?

“Hearing aids are prepared for the disabled, so the people wearing the hearing aids are all disabled.” This sentence is not listening, especially for hearing loss patients, listening to the special uncomfortable.

The above sentence was said by a netizen who complained that the netizen was a hearing loss patient who had been wearing a hearing aid for half a year. She is still in school. She said that she used to wear a hearing aid and was very inferior. She never dared to put her ear. It’s exposed, so it’s covered with long hair. When you usually do not talk to others deliberately, you are afraid that someone will find that you are not listening well, so you can talk very well on weekdays. As a result, some time ago, a boy in her class knocked down her when she was playing, and when she fell to the ground, she just saw the ear, and she said what was said.

Because of this, she didn’t want to go to school now. In fact, the person who said this thing is really over-expressed. It’s hard to say, but it’s too brainy to know how big a sentence is for a hearing loss patient. The injury, not to mention the little girl itself because of the feeling of inferiority after wearing the hearing aid, plus this sentence, how uncomfortable.

However, what I said to her here is definitely based on enlightenment. The psychological damage is not treated by medicine. It needs guidance. The reason why it is inferior is because you did not receive hearing aids. The hearing aids are actually the same as our glasses. It’s just an aid to help us hear the sound tools.

Hearing aids are not as familiar as glasses. In fact, it is true. You see a person wearing glasses on the street, you may not be curious, you will not deliberately look at it, or even you directly ignore it. Whether others wear glasses, because you see more, naturally it’s not strange, the hearing aids are different. The people wearing the hearing aids are quite few compared with the people wearing glasses. You can see a hearing aid on the road, you are likely I will look a little more.

The boy who happened to meet this little girl is actually a minority. I am doing this. I know a lot about patients. I have met many patients. When they wear hearing aids, people around them look at their eyes. It’s not the kind of looking at the disabled, it’s not that kind of sad eyes, it’s more caring, and some people deliberately slow down and improve their voices when they communicate with patients, so that they can listen to them. clear.

You can’t change others actively, so you need to change yourself, change your mind’s perception of the hearing aid, and listen to the patient’s perceptions. Those who say how to go with them, only change themselves will not feel inferior.

Wearing a hearing aid feels inferior

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