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Wearing a hearing aid does not treat deafness

Although the hearing aid market is large, there are not many people who understand hearing aids. Although hearing aids and glasses are an auxiliary tool in our lives, there are few people who use hearing aids, but this does not mean that they have deafness and hearing loss. There are very few people. On the contrary, many people have hearing loss but do not choose to wear hearing aids. There are many reasons for this. I will not give examples here.

However, there are some people who think that they can hear the sound after wearing the hearing aid. This is because the hearing aid has helped us to cure the deafness. In fact, this is quite a wrong concept.

You can hear the sound after wearing the hearing aid, but your hearing loss still exists after you take it off. As I mentioned earlier, hearing aids and glasses are just an aid. Do you think you can restore your vision after wearing glasses? Obviously, it is unrealistic. The reason why we can hear the sound after wearing the hearing aid is because the hearing aid can compensate the hearing.

In addition to the role of hearing aids, hearing aids can also protect residual hearing. The principle of hearing aids changes anyway, and the principle is to let us hear by amplifying the sound, but now the hearing aids are more high-tech and can be done. To all kinds of performance, and we want to hear the sound after wearing a hearing aid, that is, you have to have residual hearing, the residual hearing is white refers to the part of the auditory function that remains after the hearing organ is damaged, want to protect the residual Hearing, wearing a hearing aid is the most direct and most effective method.

When we buy a hearing aid, no matter which hearing aid fitting center you go to, the fitter there will usually let you do a hearing test, check your hearing loss, and then check it out according to your inspection. For the damage situation and your own needs, the fitter will recommend the hearing aid that suits you, and at the same time teach you some listening skills that will allow you to better adapt to the hearing aid.

Having said that, I would like to remind those who want to be cheap and cheap, don’t just go online to buy a hearing aid, what?199Hearing aids for hearing deafness, do you believe that there is no hearing aid that can treat deafness in the world, wearing hearing aids can not treat deafness, at least with the current hearing aid technology can not reach this level, what will happen in the future No one knows, but at least now, at the moment, these words are all deceiving consumers, unbelievable.

Wearing a hearing aid

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