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Is the hearing aid an amplifier?

Is the hearing aid an amplifier?

Many people think that hearing aids are just an amplifier, a loudspeaker. Indeed, the original design principle of a hearing aid is a loudspeaker. You put your palm into an arc and then put it behind the ear. Does it feel that the sound is getting louder? What? Bell, who originally made the hearing aid, used this to inspire the inspiration to make a hearing aid.

For that sentence, the hearing aid is the amplifier. If it is placed correctly for decades, it is not. Today’s hearing aids are basically digital hearing aids. They are high-precision electronic products. Today’s hearing aids are mainly composed of: microphones, receivers, amplifiers, inductors, compressors, peak clippings, etc.

Why do I say that the current hearing aids are basically digital hearing aids, because there are still about5% ~ 10%Hearing aids belong to analog hearing aids, and analog hearing aids are basically similar to amplifiers. The traditional analog hearing aids are linear amplification, which is equally amplified for light and medium-weight sounds. Therefore, patients with deaf hearing with simulated hearing aids are likely to be audible and loud, listening to loud noises, and wearing such hearing aids for a long time. It is possible to cause a further decline in hearing, thereby increasing the degree of hearing loss.

The digital hearing aids are designed to define different environments, automatic noise reduction, compression ratio, etc., which happens to avoid the audible sound of the simulated hearing aids and the loud noise.

The digital hearing aid relies on the powerful computing technology of the computer chip. It can automatically calculate different compensation formulas according to the different hearing loss levels and age conditions of the users, and can meet the hearing needs of the patients to the maximum extent.

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