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Be careful when giving your child an ear

How cool is it? I don’t need to talk about it. Many people fall in love with the sour feeling of squatting, but you know, you need to be very careful when you lick your ears, especially when you lick your ears.

Children’s ear canals are more fragile and more vulnerable than adults, but many parents see that they have dirty ears when they have ear mites in their ears, and then they think about putting their ears out, but giving them When a child rubs his ears, it is easy to have an accident, which is likely to cause these injuries:

May scratch the skin of the external auditory canal.

If you use unsanitary tools to carry out the ear, once you cut the ear canal, it will cause infection.

Secondly, it is easy to occur, causing damage to the tympanic membrane and causing deafness.

When you are deaf, it is very likely that the deafness will be pushed inside, which will oppress the tympanic membrane and cause earache, dizziness, headache and other symptoms.

Then the majority of parents will say, I think he is deaf and dirty, and I don’t dare to help him. In fact, it is not absolutely impossible to do so. As long as you pay more attention, the method is correct.

You can use a small cotton swab to clean the ear canal of the ear canal, but do not dig it inside. If the child’s ear is too hard, it is recommended to first give him a little Vaseline oil, first soften it and then clean it. If not, you can choose to go to the hospital. Let the doctor solve it with professional tools.

In fact, it is true that deafness is not as unbearable as you think. Deafness can protect our ears, especially in the summer, when the small flying insects are particularly easy to fly into the ear canal, and deafness is at this time. Played a very important role, if there is no such deafness, the small flying insects will fly directly to your tympanic membrane, bite the mouth, causing perforation of the tympanic membrane, and then cause infection. Is the picture very strong? If you don’t want to have such a horrible thing, then you should be less deaf.

On weekdays, we are walking around, eating and chewing, and when we talk, the inner ear can be dropped when the ear canal is touched, so there is no need to rub the ears.

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