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Please wear a hearing aid as soon as possible.

In most of us’s cognition, deafness is inaudible, and inaudible is called the back of the ear. At the same time, many people with backs don’t care about this symptom. They think it’s no big deal, and the deafness we know is true. It is awkward, completely inaudible, only at this time will pay attention to it, and then go to seek medical treatment, often when the disease progresses to this step, there is basically no possibility of cure.

What is the principle of a hearing aid? The external sound signal is converted into an electrical signal by the microphone, and then amplified by the amplifier, the electrical signal is restored by the receiver to the sound signal and transmitted to the human ear, let us hear the sound, but all of this has a premise, you want To hear the sound, you must first have residual hearing.

What is residual hearing? Residual hearing refers to the remaining hearing after the hearing organ is damaged. In the true sense, there is no residual hearing in the whole patient. Therefore, for this part of the deaf patients, I am sorry that the hearing aid is no longer useful to you. If you want to hear the sound, you should still implant the cochlear implant.

Deafness is the common language of our people. We say that we are called hearing loss. The hearing loss is a process of gradual increase. It will gradually increase with time. Because in the early stage, we just had hearing loss when it was daily. Life does not have any impact, plus many people do not understand the audiology, but also their own hearing situation is not clear, do not pay attention, so there will be a phenomenon that can drag and drop.

The idea mentioned above, whether you or your family and friends around you have thought about it, often have this kind of thinking, will miss the best treatment period. Once you appear to be unable to hear others, or watch TV on weekdays, the sound will always be loud, it means your ears are already reminding you, hurry to pay attention, go to the hospital as soon as possible to listen Check to see your hearing loss and then target it.

Some deafness can be recovered in the early stage, such as otitis media, tympanic membrane trauma and other conductive deafness, but it does not mean that other deafness can delay treatment, although some deafness can not be cured, but early treatment at least for the later There is still a certain degree of correlation in the degree of recovery.

Finally, one side, when we suffer from deafness, we must treat it as soon as possible. Don’t have the idea of ​​being able to drag it, so that you end up harming yourself.

Wearing a hearing aid

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