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What do older people who are not willing to wear hearing aids think?

Human life is limited. No matter which organ in our body is age-restricted, the auditory organ is no exception. As we grow older, our hearing will become worse and worse. Generally speaking,60Among the elderly over the age, there will be40% ~ 50%There will be a certain degree of hearing loss between people, and the age is not improved.10Years old, the proportion of hearing loss will increase10%We call it senile deafness.

Of course, there are people who are still very healthy in their 80s and 90s. This is also different from person to person. It has a certain relationship with other people’s living habits, genetic factors, physical conditions, living environment and so on.

After the phenomenon of deafness, we should wear the hearing aid in time. This is the same as wearing glasses after our nearsightedness. It should have become a habit.

But there are many elderly people who are not willing to wear hearing aids. What do they think?

The first type: They believe that the hearing loss of the elderly is normal and does not require regulation.

It is true that there is no mistake in this statement. Hearing loss is a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body. However, if you do not intervene in the elderly deafness in time, it will cause your hearing function to begin to degenerate and affect your life.

Second: After wearing a hearing aid, the image is not good, afraid of being seen by others.

Nowadays, not only young people, but also many elderly people are becoming more and more fashionable. They will also dress themselves up. At the same time, they don’t want to be seen by others to wear hearing aids. They feel different from others, but you know, now Hearing aid technology can make the hearing aid very concealed. After wearing the hearing aid, as long as you don’t take it very carefully, you can see it and you can’t see it. You can also choose to hide the behind-the-ear hearing aid in the hair.

The third type: After wearing the hearing aid, it is too noisy.

Old-fashioned analog hearing aids do have such unclear and noisy phenomena because of technical problems, but they have also said that the current hearing aid technology is very developed. The digital hearing aids are available on the market. To reduce noise, improve speech clarity and other functions, of course, there is a premise that you need to perform the fitting before you can wear it.

Fourth: Wearing a hearing aid does not restore normal hearing.

First of all, a hearing aid is to help you hear the sound, not to treat the hearing. Secondly, the hearing aid is only an auxiliary tool. It belongs to the electronic product, and the high-end hearing aid can not achieve the real ear effect. Therefore, you must have a hearing aid before purchasing it. Reasonable expectations, while insisting on the adaptation training of hearing aids, slowly you will find how convenient it is to have a hearing aid.

Senile deafness wearing hearing aid

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