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How important is hearing aid maintenance?

In the current technology, the life of the hearing aid can be reached.5 ~ 8In the year, some people can use it.10More than a year, of course, there are also2.3An example of retirement in the year. So why are they different for so many years? The biggest impact is the problem of hearing aid maintenance.

Then I will explain how to carry out hearing aid maintenance.

1.If you are wearing an in-ear hearing aid, clean the hearing aid at least twice in a week. If you are oily, the frequency of cleaning should be higher. Wipe the hearing aid with a cotton swab or cotton cloth. The soft brush cleans out the sound hole or the baffle.

2.Hearing aids are forbidden to contact with water. When washing and bathing, you should take the hearing aid off and then go. After the end, you need to clean the water stains in your ear canal before wearing the hearing aid to ensure that the hearing aid is in a dry environment.

3.If you are a otitis media patient, the hearing aid should be removed during the episode of otitis media and you should not continue to wear it, otherwise the pus will be damaged by flowing into the hearing aid. Once the attack is removed in time, active treatment, wait until the otitis media is completely cured before wearing the hearing aid.

4.When the hearing aid battery is replaced in time, the battery of the hearing aid battery will be removed and replaced as soon as it is used up. If it is not powered, it will continue to be placed inside, which may cause the hearing aid battery to leak and corrode the machine.

5.When sleeping at night or without a hearing aid, the hearing aid battery compartment door should be opened and placed in a dry box for drying and maintenance, so that the hearing aid can be kept dry at all times.

6.In the summer, sweat is prevented from flowing into the hearing aid. Compared with the general water stain, the sweat is more corrosive to the hearing aid, so the summer sweat should be wiped off in time.

7.Away from the high temperature, I have seen people who put the hearing aids under the damp and put them in the winter sunbathing machine to dry them, and even after the hearing aids were damp, they put them in the microwave oven, and the man said When I said this, I thought: I didn’t blow it up. . . The safest way to protect the hearing aid after damp is to dry the surface water stains, then put them into a dry box, and then go to the hearing aid fitting center for vacuum dehumidification.

8.Be sure to prevent falling. The hearing aid is also very fragile. It falls from a height, and the outer casing is damaged, and the internal parts are damaged.

One important point to keep in mind when servicing hearing aids is that the hearing aids need to be dry, dry, and dry. It is very easy to damage the hearing aids in wet conditions, especially in the rainy season.

Hearing aid maintenance drying box

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