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What do you need to pay attention to when buying hearing aids for senile deafness?

When you are old, your hearing is poor. We naturally choose to buy a hearing aid. So what do we need to pay attention to when purchasing hearing aids for our elderly patients with deafness?

Wear hearing aids after senile deafness as early as possible.

We all know that senile deafness is caused by age, and the hearing loss caused by the aging of our hearing organs, but because many people do not pay much attention to this aspect of hearing, plus face, so after hearing loss, it will not take the initiative. To wear a hearing aid, but when it comes to really paying attention to hearing problems, it is often too late, and the hearing loss is irreversible. The hearing loss is also serious, so we should intervene in time when we find that we have hearing loss. Let your hearing situation no longer continue to decline.

When you are nearsighted, will you let it develop or choose to wear glasses? I believe that you must be the latter. The same is true for hearing aids. Myopia will not only interfere with my eyes, but my hearing loss will not interfere. It will only make our hearing situation worse. . You don’t need to know how complicated the knowledge points are. You only need to know the hearing loss, intervene as early as possible, and wear the hearing aid as soon as possible.

Buy a hearing aid to buy the right one instead of the expensive one.

The price of hearing aids ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Although the higher the price of hearing aids, the stronger the performance, but this does not mean that the most expensive is the best for you. There are many filial children who will be special. Going overseas to bring back tens of thousands of hearing aids to parents, but is the effect really good? It is best for us to take the elderly to the local hearing aid fitting center to do a hearing test first. First check the hearing loss of the elderly, then give the elderly more trials of several grades, several brands of hearing aids, listen to it, and then choose a The most suitable hearing aid.

When buying a hearing aid, you can use a good-lie lie and a small “cheat”.

The reason why many elderly people are reluctant to wear hearing aids is too expensive. Therefore, before buying, you can tell the old people that they are bought at a discount or sent. When buying, try not to let the elderly see the specific price. We encountered it during the fitting. After many cases, many old people are too expensive to hear the price. When they listen to it, they can’t hear it anyway, no effect. In fact, they are just too expensive. They have already rejected the hearing aid from the heart. Only when the elderly accept the hearing aid, the hearing aid effect will be good.

Senile hearing loss for senile deafness

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