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What effect does sudden deafness have on people?

Deafness is not uncommon in our lives. Some people are deafness caused by noise. Some people are deafness caused by aging of the hearing organs. Some people are deafness caused by ingestion of drugs. However, some people suddenly have their own inexplicable Oh, we call this sudden deafness.

Since I have written about Turkic before, I will not explain it in detail here. I have taken it here. Sudden deafness is usually a sudden and unexplained neurological deafness. Clinical manifestations include deafness, tinnitus, ear blockage, and nystagmus. So what impact does sudden deafness have on people?

The first thing that bears the brunt is the loss of hearing. Generally speaking, the hearing of a normal hearing person can distinguish the slight difference between hundreds of thousands of voices. Then, once you have sudden deafness, it is accompanied by a rapid hearing loss. Turk is a real deafness in the true sense, but not everyone is like this, generally the slowest is3Drop to the lowest point in the day. If you can’t hear the sound, it will make us lose the feeling of the surrounding sound. The slow brain will forget the feeling of hearing the sound, and it will become sluggish over time.

The direct impact of hearing loss is communication difficulties, especially for infants and young children who have not been born for a long time. For them, hearing impairment directly affects their learning and perception of speech function. For adults, communication difficulties can have a great impact on their life and work, and serious, they may make them active or passive away from society.

Secondly, psychological barriers, many people will be puzzled about this, why does a deafness develop into a psychological barrier? Sudden deafness and timely treatment are indeed very likely to be treated well, but some people do not agree that delays lead to permanent hearing loss, and then, due to long-term communication barriers, their temperament occurs. Changes, people who may have been intimate with each other, will become stubborn and suspicious because of Turkic.

Sudden deafness

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