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Listening from a small ear is not good, can you use a hearing aid?

Some people have been plagued by hearing problems since childhood, because of genetic or other factors that cause hearing loss. These children are not able to hear others when they are small.

So for those children who are not good at hearing from a small ear, can they be equipped with hearing aids?

Before we know if we can match a hearing aid, we need to know what the country’s standards for hearing loss are.

Normal hearing is in25Below decibels.

Mild hearing loss is between26 ~ 40Below decibels.

Moderate hearing loss is between41 ~ 60Below decibels.

Severe hearing loss is between61 ~ 80Below decibels.

Extremely severe hearing loss is in81Above decibels.

Generally, you want to wear hearing aids with hearing loss as long as35Hearing aids can be worn above decibels.

Before we wear a hearing aid, we have to buy it first. The purchase of hearing aids and towels, cups and daily necessities are different. It is necessary to carry out professional fittings, but some people are cheap because of greed, some people do not understand because they don’t understand Hearing aids, they will choose to buy online, but the hearing aids they buy back are often not ideal.

Hearing aids require professional fitting. Before purchasing, we need to go to the fitting center or the hospital to do a hearing test to see what the degree of hearing loss is. Then the hearing aid fitter will give you the degree of hearing loss. You choose the right hearing aid.

Then you need to try on the hearing aid after you have selected the hearing aid, so that you can know how effective it is after wearing the hearing aid. Trying on is a very important part. Put on the posterior to talk to you. Let you feel the feeling after wearing the hearing aid.

Going back to the previous question, if you have a bad hearing, you can use a hearing aid. The answer is definitely yes, but all of this has a premise. You need residual hearing. The residual hearing is very good for the hearing aid after wearing the hearing aid. Big relationship, no residual hearing, then you can wear high-end hearing aids, it is impossible to have effect, so if your hearing loss has reached the full shackles, then unfortunately, you can not wear hearing aids, want to re Hearing the sound, you can only consider using a cochlear implant.

Wearing a hearing aid

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