The hearing aid is broken, how much is the repair price?

Hearing aids are high-precision electronic products, which are relatively easy to malfunction. At the same time, a hearing aid is generally worth a thousand dollars, and some high-end ones must be tens of thousands of yuan. If the hearing aid is broken, the maintenance price is not very expensive. How much is it?

The price of hearing aid repair is not very good. After all, there will be some differences in the internals of each hearing aid, and the parts used are not the same, so the maintenance cost of different hearing aids is definitely different.

However, if you are buying a hearing aid at a professional fitting center, you don’t have to worry about it. Generally, there is a warranty period. If you buy a hearing aid in our store, there will be a certain period of warranty, warranty period, specific The time is determined according to your hearing aid. Different manufacturers, different types of hearing aids, its warranty time is not the same.

The general hearing aid warranty time is2 ~ 3In the year, some manufacturers will have extended warranty activities, and the warranty period is up to5Year, the average life expectancy of a hearing aid is5 ~ 8Year,5The annual warranty period can be said to be quite cost-effective.

However, some people will ask, what if the warranty period expires? Is it not expensive to repair the hearing aids?

That is not the case, generally after the warranty period, your hearing aid has a fault, intend to come to our repair here, in general, only need to pay for the cost of the damaged parts of the hearing aid, without having to pay the maintenance fee, of course, please note that I am talking about the general situation, there is a situation where you need to pay in full, that is, artificially destroy the hearing aid, some people will deliberately damage the hearing aid when the warranty period is approaching, and then say that they accidentally dropped or Other reasons lead to damage, and then we are asked to give him a new one for free. In this case, we will definitely not agree to replace it.

Hearing aid maintenance

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