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Older people have hearing loss, do you want to wear a hearing aid?

Deafness is a relatively common symptom for the elderly. Most of the deafness of the elderly is sensorineural deafness, which is commonly known as senile deafness.

The initial performance of the old man after hearing loss is the sensitivity to the sound. At the beginning, the sound of high frequency is high. Some people may not know which sounds the high frequency refers to. For example, the sound of birds and the ringing of the door are all high. Frequency sound, after a long time, the sensitivity of the sound will be reduced.

Secondly, the speech resolving ability of the elderly will also decline, which is why when you talk to the old people, they will often ask you to talk aside, not because they can’t hear, but because they can’t hear, they can’t understand, although they can hear The voice of your voice, but you can’t understand what you are talking about.

Then the old man’s hearing is declining. After the senile deafness occurs, do you need to wear a hearing aid?

The answer is inevitable.

If you don’t wear hearing aids in time after senile deafness, it will make your hearing worse and worse. At the same time, if there is a problem with hearing problems in the elderly, if you don’t wear hearing aids in time, there will be certain risks. Think about it sometimes. The road opened and I didn’t hear the whistle of the car next to me. When you hit it, you only reflected how terrible it was. The same is true for the elderly. It’s just that they are different from you. You didn’t hear the sound because of the desert. They are really inaudible, and will the elderly reflect better than you?

Wearing a hearing aid not only allows you to hear what others have said, but also protects your hearing. Although our hearing is always declining, wearing a hearing aid can slow down the hearing loss. Secondly, hearing aids can also protect residual hearing.

Some old people have different levels of tinnitus at the same time as deafness, but do you know that the amplified sound of the hearing aid can suppress the tinnitus, so wearing the hearing aid can improve the hearing and cover the tinnitus. Phenomenon, isn’t it two things?

Elderly people wearing hearing aids

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