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Parents pay attention! How to protect your child’s hearing

With the development of medical technology and the popularization of health knowledge, listening health has been paid more and more attention. Various reasons may cause hearing loss in your child. In order to protect children’s hearing, parents It is definitely a matter of understanding the knowledge of hearing.

Next, I will teach you how to protect your child’s hearing.

The first point. Create a quiet home for your child.
Generally speaking, air conditioners, TVs, washing machines, range hoods, etc. are all essential items in the home. The noise generated by these appliances during operation is actually not a noisy, but it does not mean that these noises are against us. The hearing is not hurting. On the contrary, our hearing is actually unconsciously hurt in these voices. Therefore, parents have noticed that in order to protect the child’s hearing, the sound is light when watching TV, and the cooking is open. When the hood is turned off, the air conditioner washing machine tries to buy a lower noise.

Second point. Avoid getting your child exposed to headphones or other hearing devices.
Something like headphones, especially in-ear, is more harmful than TV. The impact of the sound when the in-ear headphones are worn is greater than the sound from the TV. Wearing headphones will make the children more It is easy to cause hearing loss, so don’t prematurely give these products to children.

The third point. Don’t give your child a deaf ear.
Compared with adults, the child’s ear canal is more fragile and more immature, and many of us have a variety of tools to dig ear lice, what pen cover, card issue, key, etc., I have seen the most cattlebI thought that my eldest brother, taking a compass to dig a deaf, or a pointed one, then cut his ear canal. And for children, their ear canal is shorter, and deafness is automatically ruled out, so there is absolutely no need to dig.

fourth point. Avoid your child’s ear canal infection.

After the child washes his hair, it is best to help them dry the ear canal to prevent water from remaining inside to cause infection. Secondly, if you want to take the child to swim, it is recommended that you give your child an earplug, although we are now Swimming in the swimming pool, but you think that the water can be clean, super-dose disinfectant, plus a variety of urine, nose, saliva, in order to prevent ear infections, or wear earplugs insurance. (PS.Although it is a bit disgusting, but the facts)

Fifth. Avoid using ototoxic drugs.

Children’s resistance will be slightly worse, and the number of illnesses will be many. Parents should not give their children medicine when their child is sick. Some drugs are ototoxic drugs. Once they are eaten by drugs, they are caused by Ototoxic deafness is a sensorineural deafness and is an irreversible hearing loss. Therefore, before giving your child medicine, you must ask the doctor whether the drug is an ototoxic drug. Otherwise, you will not be cured. The ear is still smashed. Do you say that this wave is a big loss?

These points are some small details in daily life, but they are very important. I hope that after everyone sees them, they can share them with your friends. Let’s cheer for our children’s hearing health! ! !

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