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The old man is deaf, can you wear a hearing aid?

Almost every household has such a few elderly people. We can’t guarantee that everyone has hearing loss, but after the age of the people, there will be some hearing loss, more or less, we call senile deafness.

Senile deafness is still a common symptom. If your old man suffers from senile deafness, can you wear a hearing aid?

Older people with senile deafness actually need to be divided into two kinds of people, one is the person who has just suffered from the disease, the other is the person who has had senile deafness for a while, and the two types of people are wearing the hearing aid. are different.

If you are not suffering from senile deafness, you don’t need to wear a hearing aid. If you wear your hearing aid too early, it is very likely that your ears will be stimulated by high-intensity sounds, which will aggravate the symptoms of deafness. Patients should go to the hospital for a period of treatment to see if there is a possibility of recovery or whether the treatment is effective. If there is no effect, then you can choose to wear a hearing aid.

In fact, for people who have had senile deafness for a while, they need to wear hearing aids as early as possible, but there are some points to be aware of before wearing hearing aids.

Before wearing a hearing aid, you need to go to the hospital or a professional hearing aid fitting center to do a hearing test. In fact, this is very important and very basic, but so far many people do not know that they will go directly to buy a hearing aid online. In the past few decades, there was no problem, but now it is different. The times are different. The hearing aid technology has also made a breakthrough. It is very different from the previous ones. Now the hearing aids are digital hearing aids, which need to be debugged by computer. .

In addition to hearing the sound, we wear a hearing aid. Secondly, we need to wear it comfortably. Therefore, we need to first check the hearing and check the hearing loss level before we can choose the hearing aid that matches ourselves.

Secondly, we must have a reasonable expectation before purchasing a hearing aid. If you buy anything, you need to have this mentality. If your expectation is too high, unless the thing is almost perfect, you will definitely have some sense of loss. But how much can there be near perfection? Hearing aids are auxiliary products. In the current technology, even a very high-end machine can’t achieve the real ear effect, so you think that wearing a hearing aid can be the same as the ear, which is impossible.

Senile deafness wearing hearing aid

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