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When is the hearing aid fitted, when is it worn, when is it picked?

Hearing aids are an aid to hearing-impaired patients. They are used to help us hear the sounds that are not heard when they are not worn. The hearing aids are also worn a little bit, so when should we wear them after the hearing aids are finished? When, when is it taken?

When to wear it first, the hearing aid actually needs to be worn for a long time. This is the same reason as glasses. Its function is the same as that of glasses. After wearing glasses, it can not only help us see things, but also protect our vision. The same is true for hearing aids. In addition to helping us hear the sound, it also protects the residual hearing.

Although hearing aids need to be worn for a long time, many patients complain that they are uncomfortable after wearing them, and they will feel uncomfortable. This is actually a normal phenomenon, because you have not adapted to the hearing aids, and you have to pull glasses here. When you wear glasses, do you feel dizzy, and the hearing aids are the same, but the hearing aids have a longer adaptation period than glasses.

In the initial period of wearing a hearing aid, you only need to wear it every day.1To2Hours can be, when you feel uncomfortable, pick it up in time, don’t force it to continue to wear, you need to step by step, wait until you fully adapt and then continue to wear, here I give you an example, for example, you first wear a hearing aid After a few hours, you will have a variety of discomfort, then you need to take off your hearing aid, then wear the hearing aid for two hours every day, slowly after a week, only two hours you will not There is discomfort, indicating that you have adapted to a two-hour hearing aid. At this time, you need to add time, and so on, and slowly you will fully adapt to the hearing aid.

Secondly, when we are bathing, washing our face, swimming, etc., we can’t wear hearing aids. We need to pick them up in time. You can remember that in the environment where the glasses need to be taken off, the hearing aids need to be taken off.

Wearing a hearing aid

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