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The importance of wearing hearing aids in patients with deafness

The word deafness is no stranger. There are many deaf patients at your side, but there are very few wearing hearing aids. You can hardly see them. Even many people don’t even know that hearing aids are long. The reason is that there are so many patients with deafness, but not many people wear hearing aids because the hearing aids are not as popular as glasses.

But do you know that wearing a hearing aid in a timely manner is a very important thing for deaf patients.

There are many kinds of deafness, the most important ones are conductive deafness, sensorineural deafness and mixed deafness. No matter what kind of deafness, if you don’t wear hearing aids in time, it will lead to further hearing loss. After that, the hair cells in your ear will continue to shrink, and the hearing center will gradually degenerate, which will further reduce the hearing.

Secondly, not wearing a hearing aid after deafness will have a great impact on daily life and work. Because the hearing is not good, it is very likely that when you communicate with the customer, you may get it wrong or miss the customer’s needs. During the meeting, it is also possible. Because of poor hearing, you may get it wrong or miss the instructions issued by the leader. These are serious problems in the workplace.

In life, it is very likely that some unpleasant things happen because of poor ear hearing, especially when communicating, because the hearing is not good, others will increase the volume when talking to you, and you will not be conscious when you talk to others. Increasing the volume will give people a phenomenon that is often “noisy”. Over time, it will turn from a fake to a real noisy, affecting family harmony.

Secondly, for the elderly, it is more likely to suffer from senile dementia if the hearing aid is not worn in time. When hearing loss is reduced, the auditory conduction is reduced, and the information received by the auditory language center is naturally reduced accordingly, followed by the long-term hearing and auditory language center. Inconsistent, it is very likely to cause functional failure in a certain area of ​​the brain, leading to Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, once the deafness is diagnosed, it is necessary to wear the hearing aid in time.

Wearing a hearing aid

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