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How to prevent hearing aids

Nowadays, hearing aid technology is developing faster and faster, and the hearing aids are getting smaller and smaller, from the initial big horn to the small box behind, the hearing aids hanging on the back of the ear, and the hearing aids stuffed into the ear canal. It is getting smaller and smaller, so it is portable and convenient.

Although it is convenient to wear such a hearing aid, there are always people who complain that it is too small. If you accidentally lose it, this can be done.

Hearing aids can be regarded as valuables, losing not only the problem of money, but also affecting the lives of hearing-impaired patients. People are hard to match a hearing aid, which is lost, and there will be a lot of inconvenience in life, and Hearing aids are all tailored to the individual’s hearing situation, and others can’t use it.

Next, let me tell you how to prevent the hearing aid from being lost:

The hearing aid is divided into the ear back machine and the ear machine. If you are wearing the ear machine, you don’t have to worry about losing it because it is stuffed in the ear canal. Therefore, in general, your hearing condition and your own physical condition allow it. , we generally recommend the use of the ear machine.

If you are a back-to-back machine, you can buy an anti-lost rope and hang it on the hearing aid to avoid loss.

In addition to anti-lost rope, you can also order an eardrum, which can play a fixed role, so that the hearing aid can be prevented from falling when moving and walking.

Hearing aids should have a habit when they are not in use, put them in the box, don’t let them go, so that they will not see you sooner or later, and it is difficult to get used to losing.

Hearing aid anti-lost rope

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