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Can I buy a hearing aid online?

Online shopping is a common thing for us now. With the rapid development of e-commerce platforms, more and more people have changed from the previous offline purchases to more convenient online purchases.

At the same time, including hearing aids, there are also many people who have chosen online shopping. According to statistics, the sales of hearing aid products purchased online are almost near the Tmall platform.50%about.

But in fact, this is not a good phenomenon for our professional fitters. Although it is said that through online shopping, more people know and understand the hearing aids, but because of online shopping, many people misunderstood the hearing aids. We have been calling for not buying hearing aids online, no matter how we advertise, unfortunately, online shopping is still the largest sales channel in the entire hearing aid market.

So can the hearing aids purchased online be worn directly? To be honest, this question is stupid. We have always stressed that we should not buy hearing aids online. Do you think you can wear them? Indeed, many people say that the hearing aids I bought online can also be worn. Except that it is not very comfortable and I don’t understand clearly, I feel that there is no harm. In fact, what you call is unclear, discomfort, just a superficial phenomenon. However, the effect it really has on you is not what you can feel in a day or two.

Hearing aids bought online have no effect on your life, but they can cause a lot of damage to your hearing. Basically, hearing aids bought online are very cheap machines, and they are simulations that do not need to be debugged. Hearing aids, such hearing aids wear for a long time, which will lead to further damage to the hearing. The reason is very simple. The analog hearing aids are linearly amplified. To put it plainly, all the external sounds are amplified for you, which will lead to the original The sound that belongs to the noise becomes bigger and then passed into your ear. Do you say that your hearing ability does not drop?

We have repeatedly stressed that hearing aids need to be worn before they can be worn. However, there are still many hearing impaired people who choose to buy hearing aids online in order to be greedy or cheap, and ultimately will cause harm to you.

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